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Nikon D7000 Video Tricks – Fader ND

Fifth Episode of Nikon D7000 Video Tricks.

In this video I show you different ways for a right exposure and why I suggest you to use a Fader ND Filter. Most people know that if you are recording at 25 fps and you want to see smooth movements you need to use 1/50 shutter speed (always double the fps). You can increase the F stop value but then you will lose the ‘bokeh’ effect (swallow depth of field). Also you can increase the shutter speed to have a great bokeh effect but then you will not record with smooth movements (see at the palm trees leaves in take two). If you want to use the F stop and shutter speed you want the only way is to use a ND Filter. In this case I’ve used a Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Mark II filter that is really good because with only one filter you have a light reduction from 2 to 8 stops, instead of a set of ND filters, and as you can see you can rotate it to adjust the exposure. The only thing that you need to be careful is not to use more than MAX value, because then you will see a cross effect like in the last 2 clips.

If you want to download the Curve please click on the link below:

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