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Nikon D7000 Video Tricks – Crushed Blacks

Second episode of Nikon D7000 Video Tricks.

In this video I show you differences between Standard, Neutral and AlvaroYus-Curve in how the shadows are interpreted from 1/30 to 1/8000 shutter speed. With my curve you can see on the camera screen exactly the same than here and you can adjust shutter speed or your fader ND filter until you see the shadows well. As you can see with highest values of shutter speed and my curve it appears some strange patterns in the shadows. You can think that the curve is wrong… but is not, is the real information there are in the shadows. I prefer to see this strange patterns on the camera screen to adjust the exposure more accurate, just one step above when the blacks are crushed to gain the maximum information in highlights, with other picture control you can’t see when the blacks are crushed.

If you want to download the Curve please click on the link below:

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